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  • YiXiEr Collar for DogYiXiEr Collar for Dog

    YiXiEr Collar for Dog, Dog Collars, Natural Herbs & Essential Oils Collar, Lasting 12 Months, Extendable Collars for All Breeds and Sizes, Potent Protection, 25 Inches Long for Puppies & Dogs

    Year-Round Protection: The Collar for Dogs is definitely a time-saving solution for dog owners looking for collars that keep their lovely pets safe and healthy all year round without monthly spending on replacement like other ordinary collars. Hence, you can put aside that time and budget for your personal plans.
    Natural Formulated Ingredients: The Dog Collar comprises essential oils and botanical ingredients that are undoubtedly suitable for use on dogs. Thus, you can feel totally at ease when using the collar on your dog.
    For All Dog Breeds: The Collar for Dogs is 25 inches long and fits all dog breeds and dogs 7 weeks old or older. You can place the collar around your dog’s neck together with other usual colorful collars to keep your dog both safe and beautiful at the same time.