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  • Acronde Tick Remover ToolAcronde Tick Remover Tool

    Acronde 3 Pack Tick Remover Tool Set Stainless Steel Tick Remover Kit for Cats and Dogs

    Best thick remover kit for cats and dogs: Kit includes one double-ended tweezer, one single-ended hook tool, and one specially shaped super-fine-tip tweezer. Ticks removal kit that allows you to be safe and effective in removing any size of ticks from pets, people, and other animals.
    Easy to use: Our tools require no instruction; The tick removal fork can be used to remove more giant ticks. The double-ended tweezer is used to remove the smaller ticks. The ultra-fine-tip tweezers can be used to precisely remove tiny ticks.
    Easy to carry: Keep your tick remover kit in your first aid kit, glove compartment, or backpack to easily remove ticks wherever you go.

  • TickCheck Premium Tick RemoverTickCheck Premium Tick Remover

    TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit – Stainless Steel Tick Remover + Tweezers, Leather Case, and Free Pocket Tick Identification Card (1 Set)

    ✔️ BEST TICK REMOVERS FOR PEOPLE OR PETS – Kit includes stainless steel tick remover for safely removing larger embedded ticks, and a specially shaped super-fine-tip tweezer for removing nymphs and small deer ticks, in a leatherette pouch
    ✔️ UNIVERSITY TESTED – The tools in this tick removal kit have been field-tested and designed for easily and safely removing embedded adult and nymph ticks from humans, dogs, cats, or other pets
    ✔️ FREE TICK IDENTIFICATION CARD to easily identify the most common species of ticks in the United States

  • TickCheck Tick Remover Value 3 PackTickCheck Tick Remover Value 3 Pack

    TickCheck Tick Remover Value 3 Pack – Tick Remover Tools + Tick Identification Card – for Humans, Dogs & Cats (1 Set)

    ✔️ EASY & AFFORDABLE TICK REMOVAL – The hook tip is designed to safely and easily remove ticks from humans or pets, and can be easier to use on a thick-furred, feisty dog or cat than a pair of tweezers.
    ✔️ DURABLE & COMPACT DESIGN – These tick removers are durable, lightweight, and pocket sized, which makes it easy to take with you in your first aid kit or backpack
    ✔️ INCLUDES THREE SIZES OF TICK REMOVER – Keep them together to provide more options, or give one to each member of your family!