Dog Ramps Things You Should Know

Dog ramps are a great way to help your aging dog get around. Before you buy, make sure your dog will be able to use it!

A Dog ramp can help your dog get around, or even just the right one to use if your dog has a disability.

What are dog ramps?

A dog ramp is a tool used to help your pets access areas that they cannot reach without assistance. The most common use of a ramp is for dogs who have difficulty climbing stairs or leaping up onto beds, furniture, or into vehicles.

Ramps are typically made from durable plastic or aluminum and can be used indoors or outdoors. They come in many different sizes and styles to accommodate any size pet.

Benefits of Dog Ramps

Dog ramps can be especially helpful for older dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia, who struggle with jumping up on things like couches, beds, and cars. They can also help puppies get up on counters.

Read the weight limit on the ramp before you buy it.

The next thing to look at when buying a dog ramp is the weight limit. If you have a large dog, for example, then you may need to buy a larger model one with a higher weight limit.

Material dog ramps

Plastic, rubber, and metal are all good choices for outdoor use, but only certain kinds of plastic will stand up to the elements. If you plan on using your dog ramp indoors, then you have more freedom in terms of materials.

Types of dog ramps

  • Folding ramps – These ramps fold up so they’re easy to carry around with you.
  • Slide-out ramps – This type of ramp has a section that slides out from underneath it when you need to use it.
  • Adjustable ramps – These ramps adjust themselves so that they can fit almost any sized doorway or doorway opening.

If your dog doesn’t like the ramp right away, there are non-slip products to try.

Dog socks and boots provide added traction to hard floors while protecting a dog’s paws from hot or cold surfaces, cuts, or abrasions.


If your dog is having trouble getting around and you’re looking for a solution to its immobility, dog ramps are a great option. They can help them get up or down stairs quickly and allow them to explore new areas of your home or yard without worrying about falling over.

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